Choose The Best Luxurious Wedding Cars

Your wedding day is a memory that you will cherish all your life. Therefore, you should create a spectacular way of driving to and from the wedding venue with a good selection of luxurious cars. You will sure be spoilt for choice while determining whether you want vintage, classic, or modern type of cars to cater for your needs on the big day.

A great pick for a casual or modern wedding would be a Ferrari or new convertible Mercedes. On the contrary, if you are organizing a traditional ceremony, you can try out a vintage model. Aston Martin, Jaguar, or Rolls Royce may be just what you are looking for.

Number/size of cars

Determine whether the entire bridal team will be transported in a single vehicle or using several cars. Separate arrangement for transport to the wedding venue may need to be made for the bride and her parents and the groom’s parents, not forgetting the grandparents from both sides. The size of the wedding cars should be influenced by the number of people expected to drive in a single car. Moreover, the style of the car will be determined by the number of passengers.

Reputation of company

It is important to rent wedding cars from a reputable wedding cars hire. You need to be aware some hire services sub-contract wedding cars, but the problem with such arrangements is the risk of mix-ups arising from lengthy transactions. Furthermore, quality of services cannot be guaranteed by the sub-contractors because they rely on the operator’s capacity, at any given time.

To minimize potential problems, it is advisable to deal directly with an operator. This will provide a guarantee that the cars you are reserving (based on their registration number) are the ones you will receive. A reputable wedding car hire means many years of operation. Moreover, check the customer and business reviews to see if complaints have been leveled against the operator. The best way is to work with referrals.


It is advisable to book the earliest time possible, since the best cars are hired regularly. Most companies in the car hiring business allow for booking 18 months prior, with many couples opting to book as early as 9-12 months in advance.

Such timelines can favor you financially; since you will have adequate time to set aside money as per the agreed quote. Booking early enough also increases your bargaining power to get the best deals in the market.

Avoiding Hidden Charges in Self Drive Schemes

You look at the bill and wonder, “Did I rent this vehicle or purchased it?” Well, that’s what’s happening with most consumers who rent a car for self drive. Unlike airfares, where taxes and fees are mentioned upfront, car rental companies can bury the extra costs in the fine print. Therefore, you may end up paying more what you had been quoted earlier. So, make sure that you know what hidden charges can be levied by the company and how you can avoid them!

When people choose rental cars for self drive, they know that their rent would include taxes or fuel charges as well. But sometimes, that’s not all that you have to pay for. There are other, less-visible and add-on fee charges that can drastically increase the overall amount you will have to shed. Some of these charges include authorization hold, insurance charges for damages, toll booth fees, extra driver and early return fee.

But don’t worry! Avoiding hidden charges when you rent a car is quite easy, especially if you clear the terms beforehand. For instance, make sure that you opt for a company that has a singular charge for its cars. A company that claims ‘No Hidden Charges’ on its range of services will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Secondly, when you are choosing between a fleet of cars, prefer a vehicle that fits in your budget. Smaller cars are available for as low as Rs.100 per hour or Rs. 1600 per day. A drive is usually available for Rs. 600 or more. While this is your basic rental price, it would also include VAT Free. So, ensure that you visit the company’s website and calculate VAT fee @12.5 percent accordingly before selecting a vehicle.

When renting a car for self drive purposes, prefer a company that includes fuel prices in its tariff. Any reliable car rental company can provide its car with unlimited kilometer and fuel capacity for a day and up to 25 km for an hour.

Choosing a car and knowing about the inclusion or exclusion of fuel prices ensures that the rent is in the budget. But usually, the rates go overboard because of hidden charges. So, make sure that you are upfront inquiring about the same. VAT is mostly excluded from basic fees. Apart from that, rental companies can charge more for self drive. It is recommended that you ask a company representative about any other apparent charges, such as early return fee or vehicle licensing fees. Make sure that you also enquire about car insurance to avoid paying thousands of rupees in damages. Ask about cancellation fees as well and never opt for a company that charges heavily for cancellations.

Choose a rental plan that suits your need. For instance, if you plan on going around the city for a few hours, prefer an hourly plan. It is fuss free and ensures that you can enjoy a car driving experience at minimal rates. But if you plan on driving for longer, mostly over four hours, opt for daily prices instead of hourly ones. While hourly prices may seem a lot, they are actually pocket-friendly if you want a car for longer duration. Ask the company, whether the daily rates include unlimited kilometer. If the answer is affirmative, then this is the one you should opt!

Never ever rent a car without enquiring about security deposits. But any reliable rental company will refund it fully once the vehicle is returned. But there are some companies that may deduct a particular percentage of the amount before return. Enquiring about the same will help you ascertain whether there are any hidden charges involved in refunds. This will also enable you to calculate an overall estimate of rental charges for self drive.

Try these simple tips the next time you have to rent a car. These tips will ensure a hassle free self drive experience without going overboard with your expenses.

Choosing the Right Limousines To Rent

When putting together the preparations for a wedding or a social function, you need to have a lot of things in mind. Creating a checklist is the best thing to do since the preparations can be vast and varied for a wedding or a social event. There are things to consider such as food, decoration, program and transportation. If you are expecting guests from other faraway places, you have to plan for their transportation as well, aside from the bride and groom’s car. Giving any event preparation a perfect outcome will require you to be keen and provide a uniqueness that the people attending the occasion will treasure for a long time.

For the transportation, you can rent the right limousine for the group you want to get serviced by a chauffeured luxury car. It will always be the proper thing to do when you have invited a few guests who will fly in just to attend the social event.

Even in looking for the right limo, you need to have a mini checklist on what to ask or search for. There can be plenty of choices for this type of transportation as there are many brands and make for this car. However, if you want to be sure how big the car is, you must personally go to the rental company to check their available fleet and if you have the car of choice in their lineup. Then, you have to determine the price as this is important so you can create a realistic budget for transportation. This will also allow you to limit the number of hours that you hire the limousine or you can opt for a whole day rental, whichever is needed for your function.

Also, check if they allow advanced bookings. Tell them that you need the limousine many months before the actual date because this will ensure that you get the unit you want to rent.

Ask if they provide discounts for advanced booking. If you need to hire several units, some of these companies can offer to give you a discounted rate.

Limousines can carry a lot of people inside them. Aside from that, they also have a mini bar and some entertainment systems for passengers to be amused with. Thus, those who want to give their guests the utmost transportation service can simply hire a limo and make them comfortable during the transit.

If you are to hire a smaller vehicle, it would be quite uncomfortable for plenty of people because you have to stuff them in a small car to maximize the use of the car. The proper etiquette is to provide ample space for your guests inside the transportation so they can also interact well with each other.

Part of the challenge in hiring a limousine for social functions is the budget. Make sure that your budget is enough for the rental or if not, you may opt to hire per hour and not the entire day just to give your guests a nice ride. Limo companies are pretty flexible when it comes to that and you may be able to book on a season where they also offer the lowest rates.